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We have a couple of litters a year and believe that a Labrador can have it all.   They can have a wonderful temperament, intelligence, retrieving instincts, good health, beauty and a will to please. We mostly breed we want to keep a puppy for ourselves and every litter is carefully and thoughtfully planned. Puppies do not leave until they are 8 weeks of age.  There is not usually a clear distinction of which of our puppies are the “standout show like puppies”. The differences in the pups that we keep and the ones placed as pets are very small and not usually even noticeable to the untrained eye.  We therefore have older puppies or young adults available on occasion. 

Puppy Guarantee
The test that we do is our best effort to ensure that our puppies are free of common congenital disorders. However, most congenital disorders have a polygenic mode of inheritance, meaning there is multiple gene involvement, making it impossible to determine with certainty that any puppy will be completely free from any disorder. Nutrition, exercise and other conditions will play a role in determining whether the puppy will develop certain disorders as well as help puppies grow into happy, healthy adults.

All of our puppies are examined by a board-certified veterinarian to ensure that the puppy is in good health before it goes to its new home. We also encourage every puppy buyer to have their new puppy examined by their veterinarian within 24 hours from the date of purchase. If it is determined that the puppy is not in good general health, with a written veterinarian statement and the puppies return, the entire purchase price will be refunded.

Puppies go home:
*vaccinated with a minimum of their first round of shots

We send every new family information to help them prepare for their new puppy about two weeks before the new puppy arrives. This includes information on diet and exercise, feeding, toy and equipment recommendations and training tips.

Puppy packets include a health certificate and shot records.  Our puppies always have a home here! It is very important that our dog owners know that regardless of the reason, if at any time they are unable to keep their dog, it will always have a home here with us and can be returned – no questions asked – so that they can be re-homed.

Importance of Puppy Socialization
The socialization of puppies comes from two sources, human and canine. The first acts of socialization come from the interaction between mother and littermates. A mother teaches her puppies what is acceptable behavior. The mother to puppy and littermate to puppy socialization is invaluable and cannot be simulated in any way, which is why we do not allow any puppies to leave until they are 8 weeks of age.

Once the mother's work is well underway, it is our turn to assist in the process. Exposure to as many different noises, sights, smells and experiences is vital to producing a stable, well-tempered puppy. Car rides, collars, walking on leash, cats, other breeds of dogs, children, high pitched voices and crates all are seemingly simple, everyday stimuli that we expect our dogs to respond favorably to. We often take for granted that these are all new and therefore potentially threatening experiences for a puppy.

Puppy socialization does not stop with the breeder. It is important that a new owner continue to reinforce positive new experiences. Puppy kindergarten is a wonderful chance for puppies to meet other young dogs of different breeds in a new and different environment. We would be happy to give you a list of books on training and the Labrador.

A well socialized puppy is one that is happy, confident and ready to encounter his journey through life. With our love and understanding a puppy will develop to its full potential.

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